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Chris Murphy



  I have been in love with tattooing for long before I could even write my own name. Some of my earliest memories include watching my father Thomas Murphy tattoo in the early 90’s on St. Marks in New York City, before it was even legalized. I got the opportunity to see tattooing in a very different setting; scary and underground in the big city. Before I was even old enough to understand much of what happened at the shop, I could feel the magic a tattoo transmits. With ink running through my veins I soaked in all of the expertise I could.


I was 10 in 1997, when tattooing was legalized, a time before the internet and cell phones when smoking was still allowed inside. While I kept myself busy up front, watching people come into the shop feeling scared, excited, and unsure of what to expect. Just a short while later, I saw that same client walking out of the shop with a brand new tattoo, a huge smile and a fun story to carry with them forever. 


It was seeing the impact a tattooer could have on a complete stranger’s life that had me hooked. The ability to collaborate with someone’s ideas and stories to form a unique piece of art they can wear proudly for the rest of their lives. A new addition that helps tell their story forever, a tattoo has a power that no other art form allows. It’s personal, it travels, it changes, it’s a right of passage, it’s alive… and it hurts! 


I started my apprenticeship under my father Thomas Murphy and was soon taken under the wing of Johann Florendo at Mean Street Tattoo. Creating a solid foundation with old school roots, absorbing the best tricks and techniques of the trade. 


 I went to Red Rocket in 2012 to further my infinite quest for knowledge. Under the watchfuleye of both Adam Hays and Mike Bellamy I have grown tremendously at Red Rocket Tattoo and can be found there full time today. I am surrounded by so many influential artists who are so passionate about what they do, it has been extremely informative and inspiring. 


I take pride in every tattoo that I am given the opportunity to do, it is an honor to be able to hear my clients’ stories and be trusted to tattoo them. I always approach each tattoo methodically, from small simple tattoos to complex ones that may take multiple sessions to complete. I would like to continue to grow into a well-rounded artist versed in most genres of tattooing. I’m extremely passionate about my work, so no matter the subject matter, when my hands are busy then I am happy. I do not do tattoos without black lines because I believe in a solid foundation. I often stray away from realism projects, because I enjoy being able to put my own twist into the work I do.


I am beyond grateful every day for the opportunities I have been given. To my mentors, I owe you everything and hope to make you all proud. To all my clients; big or small, I appreciate you all. Thank you for making it all possible!


Thank you for looking, check back soon. 


With Love, 

Chris Murphy


For more updated work please check out my Instagram NyChrisTattoo

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